Students from our partner schools got a deeper understanding of the privacy policy of instant messaging apps. We asked them:

Are you comfortable in sharing your information with WhatsApp? 19 said Yes 20 said No

We also asked: Should WhatsApp be held accountable to provide information that it has on its users? Only two students responded  with a 'No'.

We invited them to carry out a survey with the following questions. There was a wide variation in the responses.

Can WhatsApp hear their  user’s calls? 17 said Yes 22 said No

Are WhatsApp chats end-to-end encrypted? 35 said Yes 4 said No

If you back up your chats, do the messages continue to stay end-to-end encrypted? 34 said Yes 15 said No

Can WhatsApp automatically collect details about the model/make of your computer/ smartphone? 29 said Yes 10 said No

If you use WhatsApp to interact with any ‘Businesses on WhatsApp’, is it responsible for any information you share with such businesses? 20 said Yes 19 said No

Can the data collected by such businesses be read, collected or processed as per their policies? 28 said Yes 11 said No

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