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Actizen Club Activities, June 2020

Themes: Environment, Digital Safety and Security, ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat

As we continue to fight and make our way through COVID-19, we are seeing people adopting various new ways to do things.

For example, online/app-based payments instead of cash payment, online classrooms instead of face to face learning. Similarly, there are other applications that help you in tracking your health, your diet, etc. But are they safe for our young ACTIZENS too? Let us spread awareness about some of the useful apps and ways to live with digital safety and security too.

The environment is also rejuvenating these days with limited human activities due to lockdown throughout the world. Let us also appreciate positive effects on our Environment this month with the help of following activities –

Week 1 – World Environment Day

This day is celebrated annually on June 5 by the United Nations under its United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The aim of World Environment Day, also know as ‘Eco Day’ or ‘Environment Day’, is to spread awareness about the importance of the environment and also the need to protect it for future generations.

5th June is celebrated as the World Environment Day every year to spread awareness and encourage people to take action to protect the environment. The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is ‘Biodiversity’.

Biodiversity is the variety of all living things; the different plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genetic information they contain and the ecosystems they form. We humans also make up a large part of biodiversity.

We, humans, are also citizens, and when it comes to belonging to the Desh Apnayen family, we are ACTIZENs – Alert, Informed and Active Citizens. What could we as ACTIZENs do to protect and preserve biodiversity?

We can be alert citizens by being aware of the biodiversity around us. We can be informed citizens by knowing what we could, as citizens, do, and active citizens by doing our bit to preserve the biodiversity.

Learning Outcomes:

The students will be able to:

  • Recognise and appreciate the biodiversity in their ecosystem
  • Know about the interdependence that connects every ecosystem
  • Realise their role in protecting and preserving the biodiversity

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Week 2 – Digital club formation/renewal process for partner schools

Partner schools are requested to select one teacher as a ‘Desh Apnayen ACTIZEN® Teacher’ to start the process of constitution/renewal of Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS® Club in their respective schools. Desh Apnayen empathises with its esteemed partner schools in them coping with this pandemic, and with the after-effects of the pandemic on the education sector. For support in the opening process of the club, schools can select from the given options –

  • Continue with the ACTIZENS® Club with last year’s members and office bearers, if they are still in school and start the learning process digitally with Desh Apnayen’s monthly activities based on the Annual Thematic Calendar 2020-21.
  • If the schools are interested in the constitution of a club for this academic year, fill in the intent form given below and send your nomination and details to us. Also, share the student’s nomination form with students from Grade 5 – 9 and ask them to submit their forms online.

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Week 3 – Research-based activity for one of the most useful apps “Aarogya Setu app”

This month Desh Apnayen urges the young leaders or ACTIZENS to research more about this app and how helpful it is in keeping us and our families safe from spreading of COVID-19.

Goal – Creating Actizens® i.e. Alert, Informed and Active Citizens

  • Alert – About the app and its benefits
  • Informed – About its functionality, advantages, and disadvantages
  • Active – Spreading the word about the app and motivate parents and family members to download and use the same.

Expected learning outcomes –

  1. Students will gain knowledge about the Aarogya Setu app and its benefits during this pandemic.
  2. Students will get information and analyse the features thoroughly.
  3. Students will be able to spread information and help others to stay safe by using the app.

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Week 4 – Exploring how young ACTIZENS can contribute to becoming ‘self-reliant India‘.

“Atma Nirbhar India”, announced by our Prime Minister very recently is a call-for-action and a powerful thought to revive the Indian economy and prepare a road map for India to become self-reliant by using Indian products and doing away with foreign products in a practical manner.

PM Modi addressed how self-reliance was key to surviving the new phase of the lockdown. India has to be strong and genuine to its own culture and brands rather than depending on foreign goods, as the current situation will make the economy more reliant on its own production. Locally made goods should be promoted and used just as India’s very own Khadi which proved to be profitable to the handloom sector of the country to become a well-exported commodity.

This movement is supported by many citizens and groups through a boycott of Chinese products, and products from other foreign countries in general. But how difficult or easy is this for our young ACTIZENS® to support the movement and take an active part in the same and in turn support the country’s economic revival. Let us engage our students this week to think and analyse critically, the products they use in their day to day lives and make informed decisions to replace these with Indian products.

Goal – Creating Actizens® i.e. Alert, Informed and Active citizens

Alert – About the current situation of the economy and interdependence on products and apps made outside India

Informed – Learn more about apps and products we use on a daily and are a part of our life, but aren’t made in India

Active – By taking informed decisions about how easy or difficult it is for us to achieve the dream of Atma Nirbhar Bharat and how ready are we to contribute towards it

Expected learning outcomes –

  1. Students will be able to distinguish between Indian Vs Foreign products and apps.
  2. Students will think critically about which products around them are most useful and how easy or difficult it is to replace them.
  3. Students will suggest ways to make their country Atma Nirbhar.

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