1. Digital citizenship

    Gender sensitivity

    Health and nutrition

    Add on to this-

    Mental health, some political issues too can be taken.

  2. Inculcating the sense of responsibility
    as an Actizen.

    # Financial Literacy Awareness

    # Pros and Cons of Democracy in the
    21st century.

  3. Health and nutrition
    Digital safety and security
    Mental health and hygiene
    How to use gadgets effectively especially mobile phone
    Digital games the prons and cons.

  4. Culture and tradition.

    If we’ll study deep and know our culture and traditions, we’ll know that it includes everything which we need to make a country in fact the world a better place to live.

  5. Reorganization of states on linguistic lines has resulted in differences between people at many levels. Cultural exchange through music and art can help enhance the relationship between students of diverse linguistic backgrounds and cultures.

    Another aspect that can be considered is listing the freedom fighters from all parts of the country. For eg. Lahuji Salve was the mentor of Lokmanya Tilak, yet not so well known.

  6. *Appearance vs Reality in today’s society* – as today’s society suffers tremendously from a lack of realism.

    *Self Management Education* – help people who have ongoing health conditions learn how to live life to the fullest.

    *A students life – Academic study or Social awareness* – As a citizen, students may not need to know political views, but they do need to be aware of current events.

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