It is time for us to build a true, united and accountable nation of people – this is our calling.
It is time to commence the journey from apathy for the nation to a deep sense of ownership.
It is time to re-define citizenship education.
Desh Apnayen engages with the Indian youth in a unique way that the students imbibe the WILL (inspiration) and develop the SKILLS (knowledge) to emerge as contributing citizens.

Desh Apnayen is a movement that aims to build an accountable citizenry and society around three important themes: citizenship education, volunteerism and neighbourhood. Founded by Vallabh Bhanshali, Co-founder and Chairman of ENAM Group, this not-for-profit social impact and community development initiative inspires and educates the youth about the benefits of citizenship education and how to be conscious and active by running long term and short term programmes at leading schools and colleges. We encourage learning about democracy, by doing it and promoting it in action at the school, college, corporate and individual levels.

The core idea of Desh Apnayen’s initiatives is to foster a love for the nation amongst the youth by reigniting a sense of pride and patriotism in them. Based on the principles of democracy such as accountability, inclusiveness and unity, we envision a fairer, safer, participative and cohesive society. Through our work, we wish to build a citizenry with strong values, strength of character and leadership abilities.

Desh Apnayen’s projects are focused on promoting citizenship education in India as well as civic education and civic participation in schools and colleges. These projects contribute to shaping individuals as well as institutions. Our other projects include programmes that focus on Vipassana meditation (non–sectarian), spirituality, mentoring of youth and leadership training.

Our work is to focus on providing all our Partner Schools, through our School, College and Other programmes, training in skills and knowledge of citizenship in India. These programmes will help our youth to understand the importance of citizenship education and develop in them the need to redefine citizenship. Apart from this, we provide syllabus based content and encourage Signing Up and starting Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS® Club in the respective schools.

There is no time better suited for this work than now. India is currently the youngest country and largest democracy in the world. The youth today is more politically aware and ready to be accountable and desirous of change in civic and social life. Our country’s progress is in our hands. We see our programmes delivering crucial aspects of leadership and character building to steer that progress forward.

Call us on - 022 - 66381800 / 66381825 or to know more on how to start Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS® Club, submit an enquiry at today

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It is time for us to build a true, united and accountable nation of people. This is our calling.


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