e-Yantra: School Robotics Competition!

Desh Apnayen is happy to sponsor the participation fee for students in the Robotics Competition organised by IIT Bombay.

We have been putting together a wide range of activities for students who have formed the Desh Apnayen ACTIZENS’ Club with the aim of making them alert, informed and active citizens, – ACTIZENS, as we call them. This week, we are presenting yet another unique opportunity for students who would like to take part in the e-Yantra School Robotics Competition – to think, ideate and come up with innovative solutions for real-world problems.

We will be happy to sponsor the participation fee for one team of 3-4 students from grades 8-11 for this 6-week, online competition organised by IIT Bombay. Besides the sponsorship, we will also offer recognition to the school teams sponsored by us through our various online communication channels.

Please read the FAQs at http://eysrc.e-yantra.org/faq and watch a short video at https://youtu.be/NCVBIbWZEso.

By 25th November 12 pm, please fill up the below form if you would like us to sponsor your school team. 

By 26th Nov. noon, we will let you know whether your team is selected for the sponsorship from Desh Apnayen. 

By 27th Nov., your school will need to complete the registration process online. Even if we are not able to select your school this time, you can still go ahead with sponsoring your team or asking interested parents to pay the nominal fee. 

We look forward to joining hands with you to enrich the lives of students – always and in all ways.

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