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The Spirit of the Indian Child

So far, in the Desh Apnayen blogosphere, we have spoken about what makes us proud of our country, our crowning achievements as a nation, social innovations to uplift our community, and what makes us responsible citizens. The work we do today is so we can create a better country for all, and raise children who will in turn uplift the country.
All of our efforts at Desh Apnayen focus on building aware, thinking and action oriented children. And we are lucky that there are many, many stellar children who have left no stone unturned in setting an example for generations to come. This November, as we celebrate Children’s Day, we also celebrate these young, bright stars.
Children are naturally curious, questioning beings. When these qualities are nurtured with love and respect, the results both surprise and humble us. Take for example Shorya Mahanot, our own eight-year-old Jackson Pollock-ish abstract painter, or the seventeen year old Tenith Adithyaa, a 12th grader with more than 17 inventions under his name. Tenith’s technology to increase the life of banana leaves won him gold medal at the International Environment Sustainability Project Olympiad in The Netherlands.
While six-year-old Pari Sinha from Bihar is making waves as a chess prodigy, twelve-year-old M.M Srilekha is the youngest music director in the Telegu film industry.
Mohak and Anand, students of Mount Carmel Delhi, have solved the perpetual problem of charging one’s cell phone through a neat device that produces electricity as you walk. Their portable shoe mobile charger was the center of attraction in many science exhibitions across the country.
For more stories on our child achievers, click here. For an India Today article on child prodigies and what makes them the way they are, click here.
The main lesson these kids teach us is about perception. They all identified their strengths and worked toward them with Arjuna like focus. They all, through learning, determination and pure hard work, empowered themselves. What makes this possible also is a beautiful combination between IQ and EQ – emotional quotient. Emotional Quotient is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.
Our children have so much to offer us. A unique, untainted perspective, sharp, progress focused minds and the strength to make change happen. They are the builders of our nation. Let’s learn from them. Let’s Desh Apnayen with them, for them.

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