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My dreams for India

Spring is here. The winter is receding, and dreams of a new, fresh start fill the air. The flowers are blooming, and farmers are planning their harvests.
Flash back to a similar time in 1967, twenty years post our independence.
Young men and women born on Independence Day in 1947 were selected from different parts of India and interviewed to discover their hopes, desires, ambitions and fears. They spoke about love, they spoke about their heroes and they spoke about their frustrations. The result is this unique film shot in 1967.

There is power, innovation and honesty in these dreams. There is also the desire to do something for the country and expectations from the country. Do you think the aspirations of the youth today have changed? It is interesting to see what the youth of today dreams and thinks. Here are two videos from the last five years that might give us an answer.

What are your dreams and fears as a twenty-something in this 21st century as India emerges? It is important to answer these questions, given we are well on our way to becoming the youngest country in the world.
Share your thoughts and comments with us in the comments section of this blog. Let’s examine how different are our ambitions and issues from 50 years ago?
More importantly, let’s ask, how can we embrace our country, engage with it, and change it for the next generation, five, ten, fifty years down the line? Desh Apnayen has embarked on this mission and we are proud to have made a start with hundreds of children in Mumbai.
Come on. Let’s embrace and uplift our great country. Desh Apnao, Desh Badhao.

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mukul chand
8 years ago

Wonderful Post.

8 years ago
Reply to  mukul chand

Thank you so much!