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Our topic for this month is deceptively simple. Responsibility. It has been an underlying theme of many of our blog articles and newsletters, so today, we thought of discussing it more fully.
Take a moment to close your eyes at this point and think of the word ‘responsibility’. What images come to your mind when you think of this word?
What does responsibility really mean? Let’s take a moment to watch this video.

When we at Desh Apnayen think of responsibility, we think of going the extra mile and achieving highest standards of engagement for our country. We think of moulding young children to become responsible citizens. How do we do this, you ask?
The following comes to mind:

  1. By encouraging critical reflection through our school program, DISHA
  1. By encouraging participation in small acts within local communities through school based citizenship clubs
  1. By encouraging informed action, which is essentially the channeling of all the knowledge, understanding, and awareness towards positive engagement with local and national government.

We deeply care about positive engagement with the government, and taking some of the onus of positive governance upon us by demanding for it.
This ad describes all of our responsibilities in a beautiful way:
We are still feeling the goosebumps. Are you?
Ask yourself this question– ‘what am I doing today to make my country better today? What can I do’?
At the heart of this responsibility is leadership. As John F Kennedy rightly says, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. Taking an initiative towards change, learning to drive positive action that emerges from awareness and understanding has the power to change families, communities and the nation as a whole.
Let’s Desh Apnayen by doing one responsible thing for our community and nation every day. Let’s deserve what we demand. Let’s walk together, responsibly, on this journey from small changes to large successes.

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Nidhi Wadhwa
Nidhi Wadhwa
8 years ago

Truly inspiring.


[…] Out of honesty, compassion, and respect comes Responsibility, which includes both private, personal responsibility and public responsibility. Individuals and groups have responsibilities. Responsibility is about action,and it includes much of what people think of as good citizenship. Read our older blog about responsbility here. […]