Active Citizenship

Films on citizenship for children

Films play a large role in our education. The visuals remain with us longer than words, and quite often, bring to life what words can’t. Any film – regardless of where it may be made, touch something inside of us. An actor, a moment, a gesture can all make our empathetic sides stand up and take note.
Here is a collection of some wonderful short films on the values of citizenship that children can watch, learn from and enjoy.

  1. Happiness is helping others

Values: community, kindness
Lesson: good citizenship begins at home

  1. How does good spread?

Values: Doing the right thing for your neighbour, community or city is simple!
Lesson: Share, love, give

  1. Being a good citizen is a simple, simple thing – it’s all about being a good human being

Values: Simplicity, humanity, empathy
Lesson: Kindness is best spread forward

  1. Ask questions, be heard

Values: Little gestures can be transformational
Lesson: Don’t tolerate what shouldn’t be, and celebrate the good in everyone

  1. Reunion

Values: Borders can’t come in the way of the heart
Lesson: Stories are empowering

We are sure you would have found a lot of values in these films. If there are some that come your way, share the link with us in the comments section! Let’s spread stories of love, kindness and good citizenship as far and wide as we can.

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